Meet The Ketter Group

The Ketter Group is a full-service design, construction and development firm specializing in multi-family, residential and mixed-use projects in Los Angeles’ most ambitious neighborhoods.

We see potential where other firms may not, finding projects that will make valuable additions to our communities and to the people we serve. Our meticulous planning and years of experience with cost and quality management ensures the success of each housing development. We are builders at our core. 

Our investment focus is on identifying, evaluating and acquiring properties in high-population growth, infill areas. When an opportunity meets our standards, our integrated teams collaborate to create an authentic, sustainable vision for design and construction.

We at Ketter are excited about the unique challenges in each project.

Design Starts With Your Story

The Ketter Group is a team of storytellers. And we know you have a story to tell. 

Designing properties that transform communities means taking an innovative approach. Ketter starts by looking at what makes a site unique.

Each project is a chance to build a new, exceptional place to live, work and grow. We recognize interior spaces as places where people live and congregate. We understand that exteriors make up the character of our communities.

Whether we’re designing an office building, shopping center, or apartment complex, every project is an opportunity to create something memorable and valuable.

Development & Entitlement Services With Collaborative Values

The demands of our evolving market call for a specialized and responsive approach. Success depends on communication and trust. That’s why The Ketter Group insists on bringing integrity, reliability and attention to detail to every phase of the development process.

California has the most complex land use restrictions in the country. Processes can be drawn-out, complicated, and at times, expensive. Our team has the experience to manage this convoluted regulatory/governmental landscape.

Our integrated construction and design teams work together throughout the development and entitlement phase of each project. Through constant review and feedback of the proposed layout, systems and materials, our goal is to create an efficient building design. We do all this while preserving finish quality and planning for long-term maintenance. 

Value engineering is a key component of our process. As part of our service, we review project requirements with the goal of identifying cost-saving opportunities. We provide cost comparisons on alternative structural, mechanical, plumbing, heating, electrical systems, and architectural assemblies.

Ketter Construction

Every project deserves transparency and accuracy in the construction process. 

The Ketter Group approach brings expertise in cost, time management, and completion guarantees. We deliver risk analyses to vet every subcontractor’s qualifications and capabilities.

All projects work in coordination with our in-house project managers, project engineers and are overseen by senior management.

Our sites are all under supervision of our experienced superintendent teams that coordinate all site supervision, subcontractors and job site authority, we have a zero-tolerance approach to safety violations that is strictly enforced.